Join us!

We are always interested in hearing from excellent and motivated students and graduate students (PhD candidates) who are interested to join our team.

You should have, or be about to obtain, a degree in Chemical Technology, with a strong background in organic/organometallic synthesis, physical and materials chemistry. However, we also encourage students from Biotechnology, as we are working in the field of small-molecule antimicrobial agents. Our lab is well equipped and adopted to work with organic and organometallic chemistry. Furthermore, the atmosphere in our laboratory encourage us to explore new scientific problems utilising these capabilities or developing new ones!

We are looking for


Chemical Technology

Field of interests: organic/organometallic synthesis, luminescent compounds, porous materials.

both undergraduate (Eng. candidates) and graduate students (M.Sc. candidates)


Field of interests: development of new antimicrobial drugs, new sensitizers for photodynamic therapy

both undergraduate (Eng. candidates) and graduate students (M.Sc. candidates)

PhD Students

Benzosiloxaboroles - new attractive class of boracycles as potent antimicrobial agents


TADF emitters based on boracyclic compounds


Boroorganic photosensitizers for application in photocatalysis and medicine


Merging MOFs and COFs – new hybrid porous materials


Faculty of Chemistry
Warsaw University of Technology
Department of Physical Chemistry

Noakowskiego 3
00-664 Warsaw, Poland
Prof. Sergiusz Luliński
phone: +48 22 234 7273